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Top 5 fabric designs you need for a Scandi-inspired décor

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As the nights grow longer, thick blankets, calming candles and a steaming mug of hot chocolate sound like the perfect way to while away the evenings.

But to get to that perfect state of ‘zen’, you need the right set-up to make it happen. Of course, relaxation is all about enjoying the small things in life, from minimalist wall art to low-key accessories, so you’ll want to factor in a more functional aesthetic to your décor – and that’s where Scandinavian interior design can help.

As leaders of the ever-popular hygge and lagom trends, Scandinavian designers have made a habit of crafting trailblazing interior concepts that we Brits adore. Tapping into the functional trends of late, Scandi styles are celebrated for their elegant simplicity, making them ideal décor options for the cosy autumn and winter months.

Can’t wait to bring this chic style into your home? We’ve got you covered. For our favourite Scandi-inspired upholstery fabric, take a look, below.

1. The pared-back centrepiece

Rather than blow guests away with heavy doses of pinks, purples and reds, the Scandinavian way is to keep it simple.

Where eclectic designs, such as boho-chic, might demand you throw the entire colour wheel at your décor, this design idea is much more laid back. Neutral tones, such as pebbles, sands and stones, keep the look unfettered so that your most eye-catching accent pieces, like dramatic coffee tables and interesting artwork, can do all the talking.

2. The Mother Earth reminder

If Scandinavian fabric design was a person, it would be Greta Thunberg. Confident in its convictions with environmental awareness to boot, the Scandi design introduces the wondrous outdoors to your décor without any fuss.

But Scandi-style isn’t about throwing a few leaf patterns on your wall and calling it a day. Instead of playful, “cutesy” themes, think white-washed backgrounds and muted colour combinations.

Not sure how to get started? Browse the Plumbs fabric range to find sofa fabrics inspired by seasonal fields of wheat, forest foliage and dusky skies.

3. The uncluttered classic

Classic White Wooden Scandinavian Style

Whether for interior design or fashion, the ethos of any Scandinavian design can be summed up in four words: less is always best.

But before you start thinking about how you’re going to completely Marie Kondo your place, don’t worry – we’re talking about décor rather than possessions. In lieu of busy patterns, clean lines, monochromatic pairings and cool colour palettes reign supreme. You can even show off an uncluttered style from your fabric choices alone.

Our Royal Stripe fabric, for instance, complements muted décors with tasteful stripes, while our Lomond Dove fabric introduces smooth pastel green lines to relaxed décors.

4. The feel-good fabric

While Scandinavian style fabric is often very colour-conscious, texture is just as important.

For instance, earth tones don’t have quite the same authenticity when there isn’t a smooth texture to complement stone shades, or a rough woolly touch to accompany wooden-coloured fabrics.

Luckily, affordable yet glamorous fabrics like chenille offer a soft and fuzzy feel, while the comfort of cotton fills Scandi spaces with enduring warmth.

5. The splash of colour saviour

grey with blue scatters

Neutral tones might be the look du jour of the Scandinavian style, but there are ways to introduce eye-catching splashes of colour without veering too far from the minimalist path.

Looking to add tranquillity to your space? Scandi designers love to fuse together teal tones with calm whites. Alternatively, contrast petrol pigments against dustings of pearl to deliver an elegant, harmonic look to surroundings.

Are you ready to ease into autumn with a new Scandi-inspired sofa and curtain pairing? Browse the Plumbs fabric range to find the best Scandinavian upholstery fabrics for your space.

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