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Top five furniture fabrics for your conservatory

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We have a little bit of a thing for conservatories in the UK. Not only do they flood downstairs with natural light, but they also let us bask in the glow of the summer sun – even when there’s a bit of a chill outside.

The only downside? Well, sunlight. That’s right, that bright, warm yellow ball in the sky has a nasty habit of drawing colour out of furniture fabric, leaving your beloved conservatory set looking washed-out after just a week of good weather. And nobody wants that, do they?

For our expert tips on working with the sunshine, read on for our top conservatory furniture ideas.

What does sunlight do to your furniture?

We won’t bore you with the exact science, but UV light emitted from sunlight is incredibly strong. Light even finds its way through the strong materials, like glass (think about this next time you’re languishing in the passenger seat on a summer’s day). Similarly, strong rays can cause sofa fabric to fade when left out in the sun for too long.

In the realm of furniture, fabrics like acrylic, polyester and rayon are especially prone to fading under the sun’s glare, so bear this in mind next time you’re shopping for a sofa cover.

How about heat?

As well as lighting up your humble abode, constant sunlight also introduces heat. As a result, your usually cold conservatory transforms into a tranquil greenhouse of sorts. Great for you – not so great for your furniture.

Heat bakes furniture fabric, making leather materials dry out and crack. It could also speed up the fading process of your favourite fabrics as dyed polymers loosen up. This makes them more susceptible to structural break down.

So, what do you do? The good news is that you don’t need to box your conservatory in with blinds or heavy curtains. In fact, finding the best conservatory fabric is much easier than you might think.

Take a look at our top picks from the Plumbs website, below.

A few sun-friendly fabrics we love

Modern conservatory with white sofa fabric

Meadowbrook – Dove

The Meadowbrook range brings the outdoors in with its attractive foliage pattern. Made with 95% polyester and in an off-white colour, this fabric reflects light, reducing the chance of early fading.

Abbey Rose – Chalk

As part of the Aquaclean range, Abbey Rose is incredibly easy to clean (perfect for conservatories that welcome pets and children during warm days). The chalk colour occupies a subtle botanical look that pairs perfectly with light and airy conservatory décor.

Greek Key – Rose Gold

For something a little different, take a look at this Grecian-inspired pattern. Available in a range of dusky shades and in polyester, this fade-resistant sofa cover material enrobes furniture in a beautiful blush.

Saxon – Oyster

With a textured weave in 100% polyester, this fabric will create a rustic look while retaining a level of sophistication. The light colour, nearly white, reflects light and creates an effortlessly airy ambience in conservatories.

Slub – Jade

Embodying a nautical, beachy look, the Slub fabric range contrasts beautifully with white fixtures. We love the Jade colour for its trendy tonality but consider mixing and matching with the Celadon sofa cover when the mercury rises.

Which conservatory fabric do you have your heart set on? If you’re still unsure, don’t worry. You can browse more than 800 fabrics on the Plumbs website, or you can contact a member of the Plumbs team for more information.

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