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Your interior outlook: how to style your home for 2020

Home All Your interior outlook: how to style your home for 2020

The clocks have gone back, Christmas decorations are in the shops and the nights are getting longer: 2020 will be here before you know it.

And what does a new year bring besides resolutions and gym memberships? New and exciting décor trends to liven up your living room, of course!

The only question is: which décor style will be the signature look for the new year? Will you lead the pack with a pick ‘n’ mix eclectic style or is 2020 all about amplifying your inner yogi with stress-busting potted plants and harmonious colour pairings?

Find out which interior trends you need to get the decade off to a stylish start, below.

Bright yellows are back

Yellow Sofa Against Yellow Wallpaper

From the condiment colours of honey and mustard to the cartoonish “Spongebob yellow”, the cheeriest colour on the spectrum will wear interior design like a sun-dappled crown come the new year.

Having been declared the colour of New York Fashion Week in 2019, yellow is set to move from the catwalks to the home in 2020. Look towards yellow fabrics, like zesty lemon curtains and mustard sofa covers, to inject Insta-worthy creativity into your space.

Retro Fusion

Retro Fusion living room

While interior design often means choosing a style and sticking with it, Retro Fusion is laissez-faire when it comes to design selection.

Throw together a Mid-century lounge chair and Victorian coffee table for a throwback twist or place a 1980s-inspired plastic table on rustic hardwood floors to show your guests how well you’ve mastered 2020’s biggest interior design trend.

As for your fabrics, that’s easy – just go with the ‘so wrong it’s right’ ethos. For instance, 1970s-style floral prints work beautifully alongside the more simplistic peppermint striped looks of the 60s.

Smooth lines

While boxy, IKEA-style designs reigned supreme in the early 21st century (who hasn’t had a Billy Bookcase at some point?), 2020 emphasises comfort and softness over ‘edge’.

Emphasise your comfort credentials with curved table legs, egg-shaped chairs, over-plump cushions and curvy vases to draw the eye. If you have to choose just one soft appendage, big billowing curtains are a great way to introduce softness into your space. Free-flowing crushed velvet curtains bring an ever-lasting hourglass effect, for example.


Man Reading In Room With Plants

Biophilia, one of the biggest interior trends of 2020, looks outwards towards Mother Nature for its inspiration.

Bring together potted plants, plentiful natural light and wooden furniture to literally bring your living room to life. Put down some monster-sized Monstera and Norfolk Island Pine to create a solid base of gleaming greenery. Add Desert Roses or Kaffir Lily for plant-based pops of colour.

To double down on the verdant theme, go wild with fabrics like Maldives in Begonia on your upholstery to flex your creative muscles beyond basic white and light green.


As environmental awareness becomes more widespread, it makes sense that ecologically sound homes are all the rage in 2020.

You can expect plants to be major features of course, but also look for natural, ethically-sourced fabrics, eco-friendly furniture, and sustainable wood. More furniture than ever is being made with fabrics like bamboo and hemp or recycled (and upcycled) materials.

Although vintage upcycling and ‘shabby chic’ are part of this trend, you don’t have to always recycle traditional décor choices to go green. LED lights are a perfect example of how something can be both high-style and low-carbon. Double win!

Tantalised by the trends of 2020? For more avant garde inspiration, visit the Plumbs website and browse our huge range of fabrics.

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