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An Instant Make Over with Made to Measure Dining Chair Covers

Sometimes the thought of redecorating can seem all a bit much like hard work, especially this close to the festive season!  But this time of year, more than ever your dining room in particular could benefit from a quick sprucing up!  And what easier way to do it than choosing a brand new set of dining chair covers!  You'd be amazed at what a difference they could make to your room!

Loose Covers are an easy and effective way to transform any room, and the dining room is no exception.  Take a look at just some of the ways you could create an instant new look with  these made to measure dining chair covers.

Co-ordinating your textiles can bring a whole room together.  We chose to combine the subtle tones of Elegant Rose - Soft Green & Cream, with Curtains in Strata - Sauterne & Francesca - Gold Blind.

A classic floral design is the perfect partner for a traditional dining room.  Opt for plain walls and simple decor to offset busier patterns like this Tamana - Blue/Cream from Crowson.

Rich, luxurious fabrics like this Mandalay - Rich Terracotta help to add a sense of occassion to your dining room.  Remember, loose dining chair covers don't need to be permanent.  You could simply use them to transform your room for special guests!

Even simple plain fabrics can make a huge difference to your dining room.  You can even play around with the skirt options to transform the shape of your chairs.  We've chosen a half skirt to show off the beautiful wood.

Your dining chair covers need not be all the same fabric.  We had great fun mixing and matching these fabrics together.  The plain Hampstead - Fucushia helps to break up the striking stripes.

What's your favourite dining room style?

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