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How to choose a pet-friendly fabric for your sofa

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If there is anything pet owners can agree on, it’s how annoying mucky paws and moulting hair can be in the home. Whether your pet has just sauntered through the house after walkies or accidentally trudged through a spillage in the kitchen, our furry friends – while adorable – are pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning up after themselves.

Thankfully, there’s a way for you to enjoy quality time with your pet without having a torn-up, stained and stinky sofa. To pet-proof your living area, read our top tips for finding the best pet-friendly sofa fabrics, below.

Look for a hardwearing fabric

Pet -friendly Microfiber Sofa Cover

One quick way to check the durability of your sofa fabric is to check its rub count. The standard rub count for a fabric is around 20,000 rubs. Fabrics with a rub count over 20,000 are best for pet owners as they can withstand plenty of rough and tumble (the number represents how many times a fabric can be rubbed without the exterior breaking down). To find the rub count of your fabric, check the manufacturer’s label or, if you’re buying a new sofa, ask in-house.

For a hardwearing fabric which holds up well against playful pets, browse our Aquaclean range. These sofas are specifically designed to protect against natural deterioration, spillages and stains and can be cleaned with just water.

Make sure it can be easily cleaned

Pet -friendly Duck Cotton Sofa (1)

If your pet loves muddy puddles or is prone to shedding, you’ll know how much of a pain it can be to clean up.

To make sure you’re choosing an easy-to-clean sofa fabric, you will need to dig down into the specifications. For instance, those with a tight flat weave, such as synthetic fibres, won’t gather hair or absorb scents as much as thicker, natural fibres. To clean these fabrics, just add the brush attachment to your vacuum and run it over the top of your sofa for a purr-fect result.

You’ll also want to check how water-resistant your sofa is, as this affects how much bacteria builds up when spillages – or drenched bits of fur – absorb into your fabric. The water absorbency of your fabric is usually indicated on the manufacturer’s label, although many synthetic fibres, such as our Amalia range, are designed specifically to protect against liquids.

If, even after lots of spot cleaning, you notice your sofa is still dirty, take a look around the edges of your sofa for zippers and remove the covers. Double-check the label, however, before putting them through the washing machine – those labelled with an ‘P’ shouldn’t be cleaned at home and need to be taken to a dry cleaner.

Of course, if your favourite sofa doesn’t have zippers, don’t worry – just sling a dog-friendly sofa cover over it instead.

Other top tips for pet owners:

  • As a rule of thumb, choose a fabric colour which matches your pet’s fur. If that fails, try a patterned sofa instead. This helps to hide pet hair and dirt – just remember to still give it a weekly clean to keep bacteria away.
  • To be sure you’re choosing a cat-proof sofa fabric, run your hands over the exterior to feel for raised areas – if you can feel any, be aware that pet claws could potentially catch the threads.
  • If you’re struggling to keep your dog off the sofa, pick a dedicated blanket for your pooch to sit on. This way, you can control the shedding of hair, while still keeping your dog by your side.
    • While there are many pet-friendly fabrics to choose from, sofa covers are by far the most effective solution. Versatile and practical, you can get sofa covers looking brand new by just popping them in the wash. Easy!

To see our full range of sofa pet protector throws and sofa covers, browse the Plumbs website.

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