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4 great ways to create a cosy atmosphere in your home this winter

Home All 4 great ways to create a cosy atmosphere in your home this winter

We’re now into the final few months of the year, with the cold weather setting in already. That means plenty of people all over the UK are already trying out new ways to help make their homes cosier – and if you’re one of them, we’ve got one or two tips for you here at Plumbs. With more than 60 years of experience behind us, and a range of sofa covers and curtain linings, we know all about what it takes to help make homes even cosier during the winter months. So here are some of our top tips!

Start by tackling the draughts

It’s tricky to maintain a cosy atmosphere in a room when you’ve constantly got chilly air blowing into it from somewhere – so it makes sense to start by finding and blocking those. New windows always help, but let’s be honest, nobody’s got an awful lot of time and disposable income for those at this time of year.

Instead then, have a think about investing in some draught excluders for doors, large rugs for any wooden floors, and curtain linings for your window. We’ve got a whole range for you to choose from here at Plumbs, including several specifically designed to help your home retain heat!

Have a think about textures

One of the strange quirks about human psychology is that even if a space is physically warm, it can still feel oddly uncomfortable if it’s sparse or coldly lit. (It’s one of the many reasons you won’t see many interiors sporting that distinctive look of ‘science-lab chic’).

That feeling alone can be demonstration enough of all the difference that textures can make. It’s a good idea to first look at ones that give you that feeling of snugness and warmth, such as faux fur, fleece, wool, sheepskin, velvet and plush synthetics. Think rugs, blankets, throws and fluffy cushions. They’re always good for a quiet glass of wine and a snuggle, and you might be surprised at how even just the sight of them can help change your perception of the space.

Re-consider the colour of your rooms

One of the biggest effects on our mood is natural light – but since we won’t be seeing much of that over winter, then one of the other biggest ones is colour. Just the same as with texture, it can be surprising just how warm colours can make a room feel so much more cosy and comfortable.

Your sofa is a good one to pay particular attention to. Since it’s one of the largest and most central elements of your space, it’s also the one with the biggest influence over the room as a whole, so changing its colour to something a bit warmer with something like one of our sofa covers here at Plumbs can change the entire look of your space. Reds and oranges are obviously some of the quintessential colours to go for, but fluffy pinks and plush purples can be an excellent option too, as we tend to associate purple in particular with a sense of luxury.

See the light

We’ve mentioned natural light as a major influence over our mood and perception of a space. Although it might be in relatively short supply over winter, there are still all sorts of ways you can get creative with artificial light.

Soft lighting from appliances like table lamps will add a warm glow to a room, enhancing your favourite colours and textures. Overhead or main lights by contrast can sometimes make it seem a bit too bright and cold, especially if they don’t have a lampshade. If you have a bright anglepoise lamp, you might want to consider (counterintuitively) placing it in the corner of the room and angling it towards the space where the two walls meet – it can reflect a comfortable amount of light onto its immediate surroundings without blasting too much light directly from the bulb.

Candles are obviously another popular option to consider – but given their safety considerations, they might not always be viable for busy family homes!

Those are just a couple of our ideas – you may well have some of your own! Whatever you’ve got in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find plenty of sofa covers and curtain linings here at Plumbs to help you get your interiors all snug for winter.

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