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A quick guide to our energy saving lining options

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If you’ve taken even a brief look around our site here at Plumbs, you’ll have probably seen that in addition to an extensive range of sofa covers, we’ve also got a variety of curtain linings for you to choose from. And with the growing concerns over rising energy bills, there’s never been a better time for you to think about getting yours! If it’s something you’re already considering, we thought we’d save you a bit of time in the decision-making process – so, here’s a quick guide to our energy-saving curtain lining options!

Standard curtain linings

It makes sense to start at the beginning! Although these curtain linings have a very straightforward name, don’t let the humble moniker fool you – they still have quite a range of impressive capabilities. Each standard curtain lining can beautifully enhance your curtains, and give the face fabric a backing. That enables them to achieve a very appealing drape, and protects them from fading in direct sunlight.

We’ve made sure that our standard curtain linings have unrivalled durability, feel, aesthetics and longevity – and of course, all at highly competitive prices. If you’re not ever fully sure which ones might be the best fit for your space, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts.

Blackout curtain linings

As the name suggests, this is a specialised lining fabric designed to block out the light from your window. That makes it a popular option for bedrooms, those of children and adults alike. It makes it easier to put young children to bed – particularly in the summer for example, where the sun might still be shining even though it’s technically bedtime. It can also help give adults those precious extra hours on weekend mornings, so you can get a bit of a lie-in well after the sun has properly risen on a Sunday.

Sunlight alone can be a major factor in the temperature of any given room, too, so by keeping the sunlight out you can effectively make sure you’re able to cool in the summer. (That’s also very helpful for getting a decent night’s sleep, particularly if your room is south-facing!)

Thermal interlining

This is a specialised lining we’re offering here at Plumbs, and one that’s become especially popular recently (as you can imagine!). It acts to trap the flow of heat – which means that not only is it perfect for keeping your interiors warm during the winter months, but it’s also ideal for helping reflect the hot air outside in the blazing heat of summer, so that you can stay lovely and cool indoors.

If you’ve got a draught anywhere in your home, it’s an excellent option for helping you to regulate the temperature of the rooms around it – even more so than the blackout lining in isolation. In fact, speaking of which, it complements blackout or standard lining very nicely, and shares their ability to give the curtains themselves a beautiful drape.

Energy reflective lining

This is a brand new offering of ours here at Plumbs, one that’s already proving highly popular with our customers – and no wonder! Our energy reflective lining is what’s referred to as a hybrid lining, one that neatly combines all the best properties of both blackout and thermal lightings.

It does exactly what it says on the tin – effectively reflects heat energy out of or into a window. That again gives you even greater control over the heat flowing in and out of your home, so that you can reduce air conditioning costs in the summer, and heating bills in the winter. So not only does it keep you comfortable, but it helps you save money, too. That makes it a true thermal, and one that’s only likely to get more popular (especially since, at the time of writing, winter is rolling on!)

As we’ve touched on above, if you need a bit of help finalising your decision as to which curtain linings to go for, our team are only too happy to help here at Plumbs. You can get in touch with us by giving us a call on 0800 019 0505, or emailing us on Alternatively, ask your personal Home Consultant, who’ll happily provide you with answers in as much or as little detail as you need.

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