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Are you planning a DIY dining chair reupholstery project?

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Do your dining chairs look a bit tired? Are you decorating and your dining chair upholstery doesn’t match any more?

Crafting dining chair reupholstery – or making new removable, washable dining chair covers – is a popular hobby. If you’re a crafty type or good with a sewing machine, you can get good results.

9 things you need to know about dining chair reupholstery and covers before you start

  1. You can choose removable, washable loose dining chair covers if the upholstery – springs, padding and/or hessian – is in good condition.
  2. Loose dining chair covers might not be suitable for all styles of chair – they could be difficult to fit well and keep in place.
  3. If the upholstery is lumpy, hard, has slipped, is saggy, it needs fixing sooner rather than later to protect the frame.
  4. If your chairs have sentimental value or are well made, seriously consider whether you’d be better getting a Master Upholsterer involved.
  5. Though dining chair reupholstery may look simple on YouTube video tutorials. Accept there will probably be an issue you weren’t expecting!
  6. Invest in the right upholstery tools and buy the best quality you can – or refer it to the professionals! Many online tutorials will give you a list of what you need.
  7. Choose a reupholstery fabric that meets your needs. If this is your first time reupholstering your dining chairs, choose a stretch material capable of hiding a multitude of sins!
  8. If you choose a patterned reupholstery fabric, line up and match up your patterns across the chairs. You might need more fabric than you think to pattern-match correctly.
  9. Choose a filling that will give you years of good wear. All modern upholstery padding is fire resistant.

What is reupholstery?

Reupholstery is the perfect way to revive a much loved piece of furniture, without compromising on the comfort and style of the original design. It can offer an economical and ethical alternative to buying a new set of chairs of comparable quality.

Investing in dining chair reupholstery means your furniture doesn’t go into landfill – plus, all work is done in the UK, keeping down your carbon miles. And, as with our removable and washable loose covers, Plumbs reupholstery comes with a 3 Year Quality Guarantee.

Our master upholsterers strip your furniture down to its frame, inspect and tighten joints, replace worn or broken webs, springs, padding and stuffing, and reupholster your seat in the fabric of your choice.

Free swatches and a free consultation

Why not browse our dining chair reupholstery fabrics and shortlist a few favourites? We’ll send you a free swatch pack of your chosen samples in the post.

When you’re ready to talk through your options and place and order, it’s time to book a free visit from your local consultant. They have a lot of experience and can make sure your dining chairs get the makeover you deserve.

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